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Notification of closing
As of August 31, 2019, [malus14 official online shop] has ended I'm very sorry to say goodbye to the fans who have been there for a long time, Thank you for your understanding.
Latest! Guide like a meeting place preceding sales item order-receiving deadline
The deadline of "each meeting place preceding sale item" when I had your order alot,I renewd,so I will guide, the following.

■ 23:55 Saturday March 19 Deadline item
- My HEART was Born from the News Paper.
-maaryuuutsushashi Japanese playing card series maaryuuutsushashi Japanese playing card T - shirts

■ Sales continuation decision item
-Battledress of the different world
-Please drive expectation in Napoleon.
* I can also have buy after March 19.

Alotof buyand thankyou verymuch for your opinion.
I would like to askyou tobuy bySaturday, March 19 about a deadline extended item.
Guidance of the venue pre-sale item orders deadline
Thank you for a lot of your order,
The order acceptance of the following items March 13th we have a (day) will be closed.

- My HEART was Born from the News Paper.
- 魔亞流鬱捨四花札シリーズ 魔亞流鬱捨四花札 T-shirts
- Of a different world Battledress
- To Napoleon I to prominence

For the venue presale item andso we become undecided is the future of the production, at the time of purchase, please hurry!
For the delivery date, in order to change bythe number of orders the total number, we will be notified website since the 13th.
「Viliver」Official shopping site was opened!
Unearthed carefully selected brand with feelings offers.

First series brand, sales Cross women's talent, vocalist, the authentic brand "Malus14" which serve to be active in the multi-stage such as "AKIRA" is the designer!

Apple that has also become a brand logo becomes a trade mark, commitment designer "AKIRA" will have been designed to studded everywhere.

Well received in the pre-sale of overseas sales start in the production!
It will be limited quantity production, please purchase as soon as possible!